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One of the objectives of Caddo Schools is to provide potential leaders in our school community with opportunities to build exceptional job readiness to work with diverse communities, quickly adapt to challenges, and develop a results-driven mindset. Therefore, Caddo has revised its leadership internship program to support aspiring leaders by providing professional development, school-based leadership activities, a proven leadership mentor, and an opportunity for a simulated leadership interview.

There will be two internships available to candidates: the Caddo Administrative Internship (for teachers and other staff who would like to prepare for assistant principal, instructional coordinator, etc.)  and the Caddo Principal Internship (for assistant principals, instructional coordinators, etc. who are interested in the principalship.)

Further information and applications can be found below or by contacting Keith Burton, Chief Academic Officer (kburton@caddoschools.org):     

Caddo Administrative Internship

Caddo Principal Internship