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A comprehensive and informed approach to COVID-19 mitigation efforts

Caddo Parish Public Schools is committed to making the soundest decisions regarding our reopening, and we strongly believe in making those decisions based on science. Our approach is comprehensive in nature and it is informed by what we see happening internationally as well as by national guidance, state guidance and local decisions.

Caddo Schools strives to safely return students to the physical schoolhouse, but leadership recognizes this is only possible when done in a safe and well-informed manner. The district’s plan accounts for Louisiana’s current state in the pandemic. It also is built to ensure the district can rapidly pivot, if necessary, in response to health and safety guidance.

This website is designed to inform parents and employees of the plans for reopening our school campuses. On this site, you can view the guiding documents that we considered in creating our reopening plan and familiarize yourself with the options for returning to school.