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The Caddo Parish School Board shall respond to employee, student, or
parent/guardians’ complaints related to the provisions of Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prohibits discrimination against qualified persons with
a handicap solely on the basis of handicap in programs, activities or employment
practices as outlined in this policy. An equitable solution of such complaints should be
secured at the most immediate administrative level, as fairly and as expeditiously as

1. Board. Board shall mean the Caddo Parish School Board.
2. Employee. Employee shall mean any person regularly employed by the Caddo
Parish School Board, either full or part-time.
3. Student. Student shall mean any person who is regularly enrolled in one of the
schools of the Caddo Parish School Board.
4. Parent/Guardian. Parent/Guardian shall mean any person who is the parent or
legal guardian of a student regularly enrolled in one of the schools of the Caddo
Parish School Board.
5. Person with a Handicap. A person with a handicap is defined as any person who
has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major
life activities, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having such an
6. Grievance. Grievance shall mean a claim by an employee, student, or
parent/guardian of a violation under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
which bans discrimination against qualified handicapped persons solely on the
basis of handicap in program, activities, or employment policies.
7. Immediate Supervisor. Immediate supervisor shall mean the teacher, principal or
that employee possessing supervisory and administrative authority next in rank
above the grievant.

Every effort should be made to resolve the grievance at the school or department level
between the principal or immediate supervisor and the aggrieved.

If the grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the following
procedure shall be followed:
1. The complainant shall report in writing the alleged conduct to the Section 504
Coordinator for the Caddo Parish School Board.
2. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Section 504 Coordinator shall refer grievance
to appropriate Division for review and resolution. The written decision of the
Division shall be presented to Section 504 Coordinator.
3. If the grievance is not resolved in Step 2, the Section 504 Coordinator shall meet
with division personnel and the complainant. The Section 504 Coordinator may
review all written decisions and transcripts of previous meetings or may
investigate the grievance, conferring with parties involved and other
administrative staff. The allegation may be upheld and necessary corrective
action taken or the allegation may be dismissed as having no substance as a
violation of Section 504 and the matter closed.
4. The complainant may, if not receiving desired satisfaction in Steps 2 and/or Step
3, request in writing an appointment with the Superintendent. (Request for the
appointment shall be made to the Section 504 Coordinator, who will establish the
appointment at a date and time mutually agreeable to all parties.).
5. The complainant may, if not receiving desired satisfaction in Steps 2, 3, and/or 4,
request in writing a hearing before the School Board. (The request to be made to
the Section 504 Coordinator. The hearing will be scheduled at a date and time
mutually agreeable to all parties.)

Erin Redden, 504 Coordinator
Email: eredden@caddoschools.org
Phone: 318.603.6515




The Caddo Parish School Board and all offices under its jurisdiction declare that no
person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age,
be discriminated against in admission or access to or treatment or employment in, its
programs and activities. The School Board is an equal employment opportunity agency
and is dedicated to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment or training. Qualified
persons, applicants or employees shall not be excluded from any course or activity
because of age, race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, or qualified disability.
The Superintendent and/or appropriate representative, as designated by the School
Board, shall investigate any and all complaints that may be brought against any
individual school in the school district in regard to any alleged discriminatory action for
appropriate treatment by the School Board.

All employees shall be responsible for complying with this policy. Any form of
harassment or discrimination should be immediately reported to the immediate
supervisor, who in turn shall report the incident to the Superintendent and/or his/her
designee. If the supervisor is the alleged harasser or discriminator, or the employee
does not wish to report the matter to his/her supervisor, the employee may submit the
complaint directly to the Superintendent or his/her designee for appropriate inquiry,
including, when appropriate, investigation. The investigation shall proceed in
accordance with policy, GAMC, Employee Investigations.

Further, the School Board prohibits retaliation against any individual for making a
complaint under this policy or participating in the investigation of any such complaint.

In accordance with federal and state statutes addressing nondiscrimination of disabled
persons, namely Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or as either may be subsequently revised, the
School Board attests that no qualified person with a disability shall, solely by reason of a
disability, be denied the benefits of, be excluded from participation in, or be otherwise
subjected to discrimination under any program or activity; nor shall a qualified person
with a disability be subjected to discrimination in employment.


Equal Employment Opportunity – Title II

Erin Redden, Title II Coordinator

Email: eredden@caddoschools.org

Phone: 318.603.6515



Caddo Parish School Board’s Equal Education Opportunity Policy

Caddo Parish Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation of administration of its educational policies, educational programs, or extracurricular activities to include all Career and Technical Education Programs. 


Program compliance contact:

Victor Mainiero, Director of High Schools

1961 Midway Avenue

Shreveport, LA




Nathaniel Adams, Title IX Coordinator
Email: nladams@caddoschools.org
Phone: 318.603.6303

TITLE IX Sexual Harassment Policy

TITLE IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

Training Material:

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